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Services Strategy Upfront thinking to set you up for success


Being informed from the start is critical. We gather new data and leverage existing data to generate insights to help us motivate the desired behaviour in our audience. Traditional focus groups and surveys can be overkill and don’t always provide actionable insights. Group chats, one-on-one conversations, website analytics and customer data can often provide us with the kindling for effective campaigns.

Research can take many forms. It doesn’t always have to be costly or complicated. Making sure we’re as educated and informed about our audience as possible makes everything we do next that much more effective (and efficient).

While we’re always happy to facilitate formal third-party research, gathering informal insights from members of our target audience is something we do with every major project. It’s an incredibly valuable way to find what messages are really going to hit home and often leads to unexpected kernels of wisdom that might otherwise be overlooked.

Brand strategy

A brand is more than your logo, tagline, fonts and colours. A brand is the feeling someone has towards your company. It’s our job to shape and influence those feelings as much as possible. To do that, we conduct workshops with key stakeholders and send surveys to other organization members to gather inputs to inform your brand strategy. The final outputs are:

  • Brand benchmarks
  • Personality tone and voice
  • Brand story

Combined with your brand identity and brand architecture, this makes up a brand book that you can use as your guide. We also offer a living the brand strategy to help your organization internalize the brand – to guide culture and internal actions based on the overall brand strategy.

Communications strategy

We start by assessing the current situation, target audiences, key messages, the desired actions at each stage of the sales funnel, and reviewing the goals and objectives for the coming year. Then, we determine the best ways to achieve those actions. Our communications strategy, together with the budget, becomes our roadmap for working together.

Customer experience strategy

All the best laid plans aren’t worth anything if our customers don’t feel our brand delivers in the way we promised. We use a customer experience mapping process to understand what your customers are thinking, feeling and doing at key points in the decision-making process. It helps uncover opportunities to better align the customer experience with your overall brand strategy.

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