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More Than a Trail

About the

The Meewasin Valley Authority was created with the goal of preserving and protecting the river valley. On any given day you can see humans, plants and animals coexisting in these beautiful lands. For many in Saskatoon, memories are made here: family bike rides on the trails, feeding birds at Beaver Creek, watching the weir at night with friends, date night at the rink, a paddle board trip to the Berry Barn on a beautiful day, or even a ski all alone when everyone else thinks it’s too cold.

Balloonfish helped Meewasin articulate their brand through research and brand planning workshops. We used what we learned to create a case for support used by fundraisers to help raise money to extend the trail, develop a native seed bank and offer more education opportunities. Our aim was to connect with people on an emotional level to set the stage for asking them to donate.